Our Story

Lewin Pre-School was established in 1973 as a community setting, based in the Church Hall at Streatham Baptist Church, Natal Road. We welcome children of all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, including special educational needs.

We are proud of our dedicated and experienced team at Lewin, and our high ratio of carers to children which enables us to offer individual care and attention. As a member of the PSLA (Pre-School Learning Alliance) we are constantly in touch with the latest thinking in child development. The team encourage the children to learn through play using a wide variety of natural and readily available resources to facilitate creativity and learning.

We are a “Natural Thinkers”/ “Forest School” setting and the children benefit from frequent trips out to learn about nature and the environment. We also draw upon the Reggio Emilia Approach that places each child’s unique interests and personality at the centre of their learning and development, whilst utilising their natural curiosity towards their social and physical environment. For more information on these approaches, please click on the links.

Children also go on trips into the community such as visits to the library, supermarket etc. and the children love the annual visit to the local fire station.

Lewin Pre-School operates a keyworker system, enabling each member of staff to take responsibility for a group of children, putting them in a position to tailor the curriculum to meet each child’s unique needs. Strong links are fostered between pre-school and the children’s home environment, working closely with parents and through shared record-keeping using the latest technology.

Governing Body

Our governing body constitutes the parents committee, which parents join automatically, who elect the trustees – Chair, Treasurer and Secretary – plus a Vice-Chair.

They are:

Chair – Kate Deeley

Vice Chair – Lucy Lyell

Treasurer – Vivienne Sharp

Secretary – Ray Smith

Ray is also a Trustee of the National Pre-school Learning Alliance. The Lambeth Early Years Sub-group, Lambeth Early Years Forum and the Lambeth Schools Forum.

We are a registered charity and limited company.